Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unleash blocked energy

If you are dozing off at your desk or elsewhere, perk up quickly to this Japanese massage therapy shiatsu.  Find your spleen points, which are located one finger width below the bottom arch of the breast in line with your nipples.  Using a two or three fingers, begin tapping this area for 20 seconds.  The spleen meridian is an energy point fancied by the Japaneses practitioners.  Arousing the area of the spleen meridian helps balance your blood chemicals and exhilarate you in no time! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Affordable Organic Food

Check out this book on affordable organic food. 

Avocados for weight loss

Add an avocado a day to your daily diet and you can shed a few pounds in just a couple of months.  These treasures deliver protein and omega-9 fatty acids which alkalinize the body and repress hunger and cravings.  Alkalinizing your body can increase energy, heal digestive distress, boost immunity and jump start slenderizing. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swimming & floating in the pool for stress

Swimming is great exercise and works the major muscle groups with very little stress on your joints and can correct nagging misalignment's in your body's musculoskeletal system, easing chronic pain.  The cooling effect from the water and the weight of the water can sooth joint inflammation in just one swim. 

Floating on your back for 20 minutes can lower your stress hormone cortisol and as a result, you will sleep more deeply that night.  Floating is comforting and relaxing and worth giving it a try.  Float your cares away!

Flaxseed oil for PMS and menopausal symptoms

The nutty tasting oil of flaxseed keeps symptoms in check for PMS and hot flashes for menopause because of the phytoestrogens in the oil.  The phytoestrogens act as selective estrogen receptor modulators, meaning that they help turn up estrogenic activity in the body when it dips and rein it in when it spikes.  The healthy omega-3 fats in flaxseed oil help muscles burn calories more efficiently and also boosts the production of the appetite suppressing hormone leptin.  So drizzle some flaxseed oil onto your next salad and enjoy the health benefits.

Killington Vermont in the summer

Enjoy some mountain biking and hiking for your health and fitness at Killington Vermont.  Vermont is beautiful this time of year.  Come, enjoy and relax! 


Add Cocoa to your coffee

Add one teaspoon of cocoa powder to your coffee and your cup of joe will become a mind enhancing brew.  Cocoa is filled with flavonols that boosts blood flow to the brain, enhancing cognitive activity.  Problem-solving and memory can be amplified for hours.